Graphic designer and illustrator

Swiss graphic designer currently established in Lausanne, self-taught illustrator regularly participating in several cultural projects, my work in agencies those last years has given me a large experience in a lot of different fields, expanding my curiosity and my love for design. 

2016 - PBK9 x Crash, Boutique Crash, Lausanne
2015 - META, La Bossette, Lausanne
2015 - Urban Project, Beausobre, Morges
2014 - Vente de Noël, Stüdio, Renens
2014 - BALLAST, Léman 30, Renens
2013 - Cheap Laser Graphics, Musée Tinguely, Bâle
2013 - PBK9 Expose, Outsiders Gallery, Lausanne
2012 - DROP II, Les Docks, Lausanne
2010 - 11ème Biennale de l'Affiche de Mexico